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Do It Yourself Miniatures

On this page I will list some Miniatures that you can make with things from around your house!

Thimble trash bins, box beds, scrap pillows, etc! :)

Every week I will add one project to this page!

Week 1: August 3rd- August 10th (Box Beds)

Week 1, August 3rd to August Tenth.

Project of the week:

Box Beds!

This Project requires the following:

Needle and Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Scraps of material, Larger is Better
Small pieces of thin foam
Box to make bed on, generally can be from mini purchase
Ribbon is optional

1) The box should be rectangular and thin, and have only the top, and 4 sides. There should be no bottom. You can cut the lower part to size if it is too high. Place box top up on table.

2)If you are making a patchwork cover, sew together the pieces, enough to cover the whole box. Hot glue a piece of foam that is large enough to cover the top of the box to the box top. Cut a piece in the shape of a pillow.

3)Cover the pillow faom with fabric and sew with a brightly colored thread for decoration.

4)Hot glue cover to bed. Add pillow by hot glue, sewing, or just placing on top. Voila!